Best Kids Movies


The cinema has given as thousands of memorable films over the years. From ‘The Kid’ to ‘Toy Story’, the genre has entertained and stimulated children and subdued the difficult ones. 

We all grew up watching classics, be it Disney’s animated classics for some or Studio Ghibli’s fantastic otherworlds for others. If you want to give your kids some entertainment time, the best kid’s movies can be a great choice.

Best Kids Movies Of All Time

Best kids movies

Here are some of the best kids’ movies you can watch on numerous movie streaming sites, including Netflix and IFVOD.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

It is not uncommon for children to be scared of the dark. The best way to cope with this fear is through a funny and well-written story about industrial scarers powered by little ones’ screams. 

The scarer-in-chiefs of Monsters, Inc., Sully, and Mike Wazowski, are so lovable and well-meaning that most of the process seems innocent. Watching this will help everyone sleep better.

Frozen (2013)

Frozen, a film permanently etched in the minds of a generation of kids, wouldn’t have made a list without our inclusion. However, it comes with a trigger warning. The psychological side effects of repeatedly watching Disney’s icy fairy tale for months are still suffering from PFSD (Post-Frozen Stress Disorder); many of these parents are humming “Let It Go” to themselves as they rock gently back and forth in padded rooms, straight-jacketed. Please spare a thought for them.

Turning Red (2022)

Turning Red revolves around a girl who transforms into a giant red panda when embarrassed or shy. Is it ever possible for a teenager to experience something like that? Children will enjoy the panda antics, while older children will appreciate the themes of growing up and seeing your family with new eyes.

The Red Balloon (1956)

This tremendous 34-minute film is part adventure, part romance, set against cobbled Parisian streets, and has a heart as big as the Sacre Coeur. This story deals with fantasy, truancy (you might want to skip it), and two balloons falling in love. This is a magical experience.

Best Kids Movies On Netflix

Here are some of the best movies for kids that you can find on Netflix.



Paddington series displays a sense of wonder. It’s probably because director Paul King and co-screenwriter Simon Farnaby gave the CGI teddy bear voiced by Ben Whishaw a feeling of belonging. The technology that allows Paddington’s eyes to dilate realistically has reached a point where it can be argued that it is for the better (and it is the better).

Xenophobes’ hokey moral panic was implied in the first part, released in 2014. An innocent scruffy man stands on top of his suitcase. He has a tag around his neck that states, “Please keep this bear in good hands.” 

Station commuters’ disregard for him can be chalked to generic selfishness. The willful disregard for foreigners and the poor is underscored by Mr. Brown’s (Hugh Bonneville) assertion of “stranger danger.”  

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

The journeys of Guillermo del Toro’s young protagonists shows the harsh reality of death and life. His passion for childhood innocence and macabre whimsy makes him the perfect co-director for Netflix’s Pinocchio adaptation, which marvelously combines the filmmaker’s dark fantasy aesthetic with Carlo Collodi’s equally strange fairy tale, Pinocchio Adventures, published in 1883. 

A successful marriage brings out the best in both partners, and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is no different. Embracing Collodi’s beloved storybook characters with humanity and depth, this stop-motion musical explores rebellion, mortality, and parental love. The 22nd adaptation of Collodi’s novel, this version maintains the gruesome nature of the original tales while departing from the dated moral lessons of the original. 

A cause-and-effect narrative is woven into Pinnochio’s adventures to warn children against defiant behavior throughout The Adventures of Pinocchio (and subsequent renditions).



In some way or another, most of Mamoru Hosoda’s original films from the past decade can be autobiographical. In addition to drawing inspiration from Hosoda’s first feature film, Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! Feature the first meeting between Hosoda and his wife’s family. 

Animated partly by his anxieties and aspirations about his impending parenthood, Wolf Children (2012) shows Hosoda’s mother’s passing. It was the result of Hosoda’s concerns regarding the role of a father in his son’s life that led him to write The Boy and the Beast in 2015. His seventh film, Mirai, is not based on his experience but on the meeting of his firstborn son and his baby sister. 

A beautiful adventure fantasy drama told through Kun’s (Moka Kamishiraishi) perspective, Mirai is a tale of a toddler who feels dislocated and insecure after the birth of his sister Mirai. The movie takes audiences on a beautiful adventure across Kun’s whole family tree, with a touching ending emphasizing love’s value.

The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls
The Boxtrolls

There is little love in Cheesebridge for Boxtrolls, creatures who live in the town’s underbelly and people widely misunderstand them. There’s nothing wrong with box trolls, but Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley), a man desperate for prestige, wants to abuse them. 

The powers-that-be in Cheesebridge finally give him his coveted White Hat after he unleashes a smear campaign against the Boxtrolls to kidnap and kill them all. Winnie (Elle Fanning) is the daughter of Cheese bridge (Jared Harris) and is standing in the way of Snatcher (Isaac Hempstead Wright). 

The two heroes must take matters into their own hands because adults won’t listen to them while they speak out on behalf of the Boxtrolls. A beautiful animation, lovely Boxtrolls, and a simple message about being true to yourself make this film a must-see. This movie has something for everyone, from children to adults, so it will surely appeal to a broad audience.

The Sea Beast (2022)

The Sea Beast (2022)
The Sea Beast

Another sea-faring favorite from Moana’s director is an epic adventure on the high seas. Stowing away on a monster-hunting ship, a young, spirited girl meets her famous adventurer and learns about sea monsters. Naturally, things turn out differently than either of them expected.

Final Words

If your kids are fond of movies and you want them to watch some perfect kid’s movies with amazing animations and scenarios. The article contains some of the best kids’ movies that your kids will enjoy; at the same time, they will also get to learn a lot from these movies.

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