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Dreka Gates

Dreka Gates is a well-known social media star and has performed many influential roles as an actress. She’s also a fantastic entrepreneur, a famous YouTuber, and a media celebrity with much popularity. She was born on August 31st, 1986 and is also known as a renowned rapper star, Kevin Gates’s wife.

Dreka has a stroke of incredible luck, and due to her struggle for her career, she has succeeded in music, modelling, and acting platforms. She is well-known on social media for her massive colonial appearance and active work.

Gates is also very passionate about charity work. She is a philanthropist who loves to share and care for others who need it. Her donation and contribution activities are seen from time to time on her social media. 

Enthusiastic Working Lady With Self-Esteem

Dreka Gates believes in her efforts and the name made by her accomplishments and achievements. She works hard and focuses on her career as a businesswoman and a social media star. Instead of taking help and shelter from her husband, Kevin Gates, she made her own identity. She is a woman with self-respect and esteem who believes in making herself a worthwhile personality with her efforts. So she proved it with her extraordinary efforts and got famous.

Full Name Dreka Gates’s real name is Shadreka Centuri Haynes,
Known As Dreka Gates, wife of Kevin Gates.
Birthplace Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Date Of Birth 18 August 1986
Zodiac SignVirgo
NationalityAfrican American
ProfessionSinger, model, actor, influencer, social media star, YouTuber, entrepreneur, booking manager
Current ResidenceUSA

Early Life, Education, Family, Marital Life, Spouse

Marital statusMarried 
KidsTwo kids
Khaza Kamil Gates(son)Islah Koren Gates(daughter)
SpouseKevin Gates
Father NameUnknown yet
Mother Name Sharon Haynes
Hobby Farming, photography, singing

Hobbies & Educational Background

She has a great interest in nature. That is why she adopted farming as a hobby and turned this hobby into a business as well. 

Dreka Gates is a renowned media personality with millions of fan followers. She is an African American and went to a private school in her hometown. Then she decided to pursue her high school education in Los Angeles. She graduated there from an elite university while travelling around the states.

Timeline Of Dating, Marriage, Kids & Career

Her dating journey started in 2002 when Dreka began dating a famous singer, Kevin Gates, a well-known rapper. They had such strong chemistry and a long relationship that their dating period was quite long. In 2010, she contributed and made a record publication known as breed winners with the association of Gates. 

This lovely and consistent pair finally got married in 2015 with a grand marriage ceremony. It was indeed the grand festive and lavish wedding ceremony that had ever been held. She has two children with Kevin Gates, the son is named Khaza Kaml, and the daughter is named Islah Koren Gates. 

A Career-Oriented Yet Loyal Partner

She has been a lovely companion to her partner Kavin Gates since she officially started dating Gates in 2002. Then she had a breadwinner associated with a record establishment with his husband’s help. It was a music production project with the company.

She then joined social media platforms starting her social career in 2015 with Youtube and Instagram. 

Loving Woman For Her Family

She loves her husband and family and is compassionate and loyal to her husband, Kevin Gates. She never misjudged him on social media false rumours. She remained faithful and true to his beloved husband. She is also family-oriented and shares a compassionate relationship with her kids. Her strong bonding relationship can be seen via her social media posts. Her hobbies include doing charity work and farming.

Being a philanthropist, Dreka is in conjunction with this charity work and has a foundation. She got an appreciation reward in 2018, named the youth impact award, for her selfless efforts.

Dreka Gates Physical Appearance

She has a nice and sturdy body figure, and all thanks go to the workout she does to maintain this beautiful figure. It included pole dancing and cardio workouts for her resilient figures. She once had breast surgery after losing so much weight and got them again. 

Talking about her likes and facts regarding her mesmerizing personality, she loves tattoos.

Yes, you can see her crazy likeliness on her chest and the backside of her body in her social media photos. She is a tattoo girl with a lovely style.

Physical Attributes, Height, Weight, & Body Measurements Of Dreka Gates:

Height 5 feet and 4 inches tall
Weight 60 kgs
Favourite foodSpanish food
Hair colourBlack
Eye colour Black
Body Type Muscular Body with well-defined feminine features

Dreka Media Activities

Dreka Gates is a social media figure in the music industry. She is a star character in many of her husband’s albums. Moreover, she is also a star cast of a TV reality show named lip service. She also shares a fantastic bond with other industry stars, such as Wynton Harvey.

Religion Perspective

She is a good wife and an excellent religious woman. Dreka and Kevin Gates went for their spiritual obligation in Makkah in Saudi Arabia as both practise Islam as their religion.

She is finely managing her social media vlogs with great effort and has approximately three million fans on Instagram. Her YouTube videos of farming and daily routine are also viral among her followers.

Dreka Gates’s Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth USD 1.5 Million
Source Of IncomeActing, youtube, singing, business 
Followers 2.9 Million on Instagram

Social Media Accounts links of Dreka Gates Including Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter

Instagram Account
Twitter Account
Youtube Account
Facebook Account

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have provided brief responses to your queries and interests about the singer Dreka Gates in this area. To learn more about the Dreka Gates, read further to know more.

Q.1. What does Dreka Gates do for a living?

Dreka Gates is a singer and a social media star. Moreover, farming is also her passion. She earns a handsome amount from all these resources.

Q.1.Is Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates related?

Yes, Dreka Gates is the wife of famous rapper star Kevin Gates.

Q.1.What religion is Kevin Gates’s wife?

She was Christian. But now, with his Muslim husband, she is practising the Islamic religion.

Q.1.Where is Dreka Gates Farm?

She has a farm in Calabasas, California, USA.

Q.1.How did Dreka Gates get famous?

Dreka got famous for her singing, Vlogging, and by being a star in the songs album of his husband.

Q.1.How long have Dreka and Kevin been together?

It’s been a long time since 2002, now they are related together and have a strong relationship like a family.

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