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Technology has revolutionized the way people traditionally used to communicate. Now virtual communication is in practice. The digital communication brought forth by technology has taken many forms. An important and one of the oldest of these are emails. In addition to communication, it is also an effective way of marketing. Due to this, email marketing is a significant part of a business’s overall marketing campaign. With this came a new way of interacting with your customers.

Besides that, it also provides an amazing opportunity to target your selected audience. Since the email platform is free-of-cost, it also saves capital. When it comes to its scope, it has breached traditional barriers. Because over 4 billion people worldwide have email accounts, its reach transcends geographical boundaries. Thanks to its effectiveness, wide scope, and cost-effectiveness, email is the best marketing tool, excelling in affiliate marketing, SEO, social media, and business card marketing. In short, nothing matches the appeal of this marketing tool.

Definition of Email Marketing

Imagine you have gone shopping for one of your favorite brands. The salesperson asks for your contact details, like your email or cell phone number, upon buying something. You receive promotional emails from the brand whenever there are discounts and new offers. It is one example of email marketing. Let’s now define it in simple words. Email marketing is a direct marketing type that uses customized email to inform people and potential clients about different services and products.

Types of Email Marketing

This marketing method has many types that help you on every phase of the sale journey. Below are the types of email marketing that help you connect with your customers and expand your sale.

Welcome Emails

As the name suggests, this is the first contact of your business with a person. Requests to book a demo, trials, and other valuable offerings can be a part of these emails. At this stage, recipients are not ready to purchase your offer. So, you must only introduce a new product once you establish a relationship with them. It would be best to focus on giving them a good impression of your business.

Nurturing Emails

Next comes nurturing emails. Once you establish a relationship, the second part is to nurture it. This is where nurturing emails come in. The emphasis of these emails is to build interest among those people who have been introduced to a specific product or service. These emails help push them from interaction to read to buy stage.

Informational Emails

The call-to-action of these emails is to inform customers to visit your blog to learn about new events or offers. They include information on a weekly or monthly basis. Moreover, newsletters and important announcements are important parts of these emails.

Promotional Emails

Email marketing is simply the other name of promotional emails. Their main focus is making customers aware of product releases, new sales, events, or special offers. Promotional emails are customized and reach many customers compared to other emails. Up to 10 emails are sent to potential customers over a while.

Re-engagement Emails

Not all customers are active as far as your sales and offers are concerned. This is where you need re-engagement emails. These personalized emails try to reengage those customers who need to be more active. Through them, you try to offer what they are particularly looking for.

Dedicated Emails

Dedicated emails are specific emails used for only a singular purpose. You want to tell them about your industry event or the white paper you just issued. They are sent to every subscriber and customer. However, homogenous content is sent to the whole email database. Their second name is standalone emails.

Top Email Marketing Tools to Engage Customers

If you want maximum benefits from your email marketing campaign, you need marketing tools. The list of these tools is too long to confide in this article. However, they include but are not limited to ActiveCampaign, SendX, Drip, Moosend, ReachMail, MotionMail, EasySendy, Omnisend, SendPulse, Sender, NotifyVisitors, AWeber, and others. Since they are important for a successful marketing campaign, we have enlisted some of the best email marketing tools in the following section.

Email Customization Tools

Personalized emails are more likely to impress recipients. Through customization, you offer solutions to the problems they seek. And the effectiveness of Hyperise is hard to match when it comes to customized tools.

Email Tracking and Testing Tool

Continuously reviewing and testing your campaign helps you modify the former and achieve optimum results. Moreover, you can also introduce new relevant iterations when needed if you track its performance. Litmus is one of the best tools to track and test your emails.

Email Delivery Tools

As far as email delivery tools are concerned, GlockApps and MailGenius are the best on the market. On top of that, both are free to use. What exactly does email deliverability mean? It means the ability of an email service provider to send emails to your recipients’ inboxes successfully.

10 Brilliant Email Marketing Campaign Examples

The list of companies and brands best for an email marketing campaign follows.

1: Uber

Using this ride-sharing app is simple and easy. Uber follows the same concept in their marketing campaign. Even the language they use is effectively straightforward.

2: Starbucks

Starbuck’s focus on its generous reward program makes it one of the best marketing campaign drivers. Its emails constantly inform customers about its discounts and special offers.

3: Airbnb

The strategic importance of Airbnb’s marketing campaign lies in its use of formatting tools like graphics and images. Their main purpose is to encourage customers to plan their new trips.

4: Adidas

If we are to define the key to Adidas’ marketing campaign, we can say personalization. They use customized, fluid content to attract customers. This is what makes them stand out on the market.

5: BuzzFeed

By creating curated email newsletters, BuzzFeed has mastered its email marketing campaign. With almost two-dozen newsletters, they completely satisfy the needs of diverse users.

6: On

Their recipe for success is a combination of technology and customization. This show-running company offers downloadable running maps for running enthusiasts. Moreover, it also informs them about restaurants, important places, and shops on the way to check out.

7: Netflix

The hyper-personalization that one finds on different movie-watching platforms also features in their email marketing campaign. By just looking at your viewing interests and habits, they create customized content sent to you via email.

8: Headspace

Headspace, a meditation and healing app, helps you reduce anxiety and stress. Their email marketing campaign features simple but effective language, graphics, and fun colors to heal their patients. This is what makes them different from other brands.

9: Patagonia

This clothing company reflects its environmental activism and personalization in its marketing campaign. In addition to their brand promotion, they also show their participation in this holy campaign via email.

10: Tuft & Needle

Using the available data, Tuft and Needle have increased their revenue by 181%. They use fun graphics, illustrations, images, and engaging content in their email marketing campaign. Therefore, they effectively achieve their call to action.

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