How to blur background on Zoom

How to blur background on Zoom

In addition to destabilizing our immune systems, the epidemic has significantly influenced our lives. Whenever employees worked from home, they became increasingly dependent on video calls. Zoom is the most used video call app and gained considerable fame after the pandemic. Although zoom is preferred mainly for formal meetings and all, it still has some perks you wouldn’t want to miss. Also, you might have seen one of your colleagues or a class fellow sitting in a room with a blurred background. If yes, rest assured, as this is one of the classic features of the zoom app, “Blur the background”. The Zoom background is often blurred to protect your privacy, so it’s a wise choice.

It is always a good idea to blur background during Zoom meetings, whether you temporarily shift your office location or want to keep your personal space as private as possible. Therefore, knowing how to blur background on Zoom is a smart move!

Why do you need to blur background on Zoom?

If you are asked to change video communication tools abruptly or if you have to reconnect your internet, you may run into some unforeseen background errors at that point. To help you prepare for these situations, we have created this guide to help you get through them.

Learn how to blur background on Zoom and how to blur background images online using a Photo Editor in this article.

Some valid reasons to blur the background are:

To cover up the messy house.

A cluttered and messy background may look unprofessional and annoying to your colleagues and violate virtual meetings’ conventions. With blurred background, you can hide all the clutter and avoid distracting your colleagues with pets like cats or dogs. You can also use this feature to keep your coworkers from finding out you’re working from a coffee shop or participating in a Zoom meeting call while on the road.

Presentations can be more focused.

One of the advantages of the blurred background while presenting is that the audience is focused on you. When you speak, you want everyone to pay attention to you rather than the surroundings. If you want to keep yourself as the main focal point, blur your background to eliminate sharp edges and distracting background elements.

Various strategies to blur your background on zoom

The following are additional strategies to improve call quality and instructions on blur backgrounds on Zoom. Regardless of the difficulties you may encounter in your upcoming meetings, keep trying to improve the quality of your calls. Learn how to blur background on zoom on different platforms

For Windows, macOS, or Linux device


Follow these instructions to make sure the background blur is enabled on a Windows, macOS, or Linux device:

  • Confirm that you are logged in by opening the Zoom app.
  • You can access your profile settings by clicking on the profile icon.
  • Select Backgrounds & Effects from the menu.
  • Find the blur option under Virtual Backgrounds.
  • The information will be saved for future reference when you select this option.


You can test your background using the live zoom feature by starting a new meeting and seeing how it looks.

For mac 

Follow these steps to blur your background on mac devices.

  • You can access Zoom on your desktop by logging in.
  • Tap your profile icon at the top-right corner of the Zoom dashboard, then select “Settings.
  • Find the In Meeting (Advanced) section of options. Look for a virtual backdrop. To turn the bubble adjacent to that portion of the screen blue, click it. Check the box next to Allow videos as virtual backgrounds.
  • Open Zoom and log in as usual.
  • To blur your background, click the key next to Stop Video at the bottom of the Zoom screen.

For laptop 

Follow these steps to blur the zoom background on your laptops.

  • Launch Zoom on your desktop.
  • Once you have clicked your profile image, click Settings.
  • Despite activating the Virtual Background tab on the online portal, you may not see it when using the Zoom desktop client.
  • Go to the menu and select Blur.

For Android/iOS

The following setting must be enabled on your iPhone or Android device if you wish to blur your Zoom background during a meeting:

  • Log in to the desktop Zoom application.
  • On the Zoom dashboard’s left side, click “Settings.”
  • Locate the Meeting (Advanced) section by scrolling down and find the virtual background option. To change the virtual background, click the bubble adjacent to it. The option to “Allow usage of videos as virtual backdrops” should be checked.

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