How To Copy & Paste On Chromebook?


The Chromebook might make it difficult for you to copy and paste simple items. If you need help copying and pasting on Chromebook, we’ll give you tips on how to do it with your Chromebook.

The article discusses some easy tactics and strategies to copy and paste on Chromebook; read further to know more about it.

How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebooks are easy to use, with keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting. It’s similar to the Windows computer, and if you have experience using it, you can apply the same rules on Chromebook too. Just as you highlight the text you want to copy in your windows computer, you can do the same on Chromebook too. 

Hold your shift key while using the arrow keys to nudge the trackpad’s cursor in the direction you want it to go. This tool should easily copy words or whole sentences since it highlights the text in question. 

You can copy selected text by pressing C while holding the CTRL key. The selected text will be copied when you press C. To paste the text, click on the application or window from which you want to copy it, then press CTRL+V. You can paste something you copy. 

Copy and paste using shortcuts

Without Formatting, Copy, And Paste.

Chromebook users may find that they are copying extra items with their text without intending to do so. When text is selected from the web, HTML code can sometimes be included along with the text, leading to odd styles or code appearing in unexpected places. 

You can copy and paste that code and remove it simultaneously; The first step is to copy. You can then paste it by clicking on where you want to paste and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V rather than pasting it immediately. The shortcut will allow you to paste your desired text without further formatting. Plain text will be left after it removes any pesky styles, code, or anything else. 

It is best to paste the text into a text editor like Text and Caret. It will also remove the formatting.

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How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook Without A Mouse

Chromebooks differ from other laptops in their design. In Chromebooks, there are no two buttons on the trackpad, so pressing down on the right side of the trackpad will not allow you to right-click. It is usually possible to bring up the menu by right-clicking. 

Enabling the mouse’s right-click function is also possible without using a mouse. Using the trackpad, you only need to press two fingers together. To open the menu, you must press two fingers on the trackpad. Copy, paste, and paste without formatting are all available from this menu. You can copy the text and paste it wherever you need it. 

You can also copy images using this right-click menu. On the trackpad, use the two-finger shortcut to open the menu after clicking the image. Then, click copy image, then paste it into the document. 

Image And Video Copying

Are you interested in copying a funny cat meme? Would you like to share a URL? 

Step 1: To copy a picture or video, hover your mouse over it and right-click. Using two fingers or pressing the Alt key on the keyboard allows you to tap the touchpad on Chromebooks.

Step 2: Here, it can be divided into two segments.

Suppose copying an image, select Copy or Copy image address on the pop-up menu. The pop-up menu will allow you to choose either Copy or Copy image address when you want to copy an image. Having the URL handy can be helpful for specific coding or publishing tasks, but you should copy the image itself in most circumstances.

There are three options available to you in the pop-up menu: Copy embed code, Copy video URL, and Copy video URL at this time. For copying a video link, you will need to copy the URL and the embed code. If you want to embed a video in a chat stream or use it casually, you will need the URL.

Step 3: Click in the area where you want to paste the copied text while holding down Ctrl and V simultaneously. It is also possible to select Paste from an on-screen menu that appears when right-clicking a mouse, holding down the Alt key while your finger is pressed on a touchpad, or tapping with both fingers on a touchpad.

You will see a Copy link address option when you click a thumbnail or linked image. 

Full-Page Web Copying

Follow this method to copy everything from a specific web page. A copy of headers, buttons, and web content does not necessarily preserve the website’s layout. Using the screenshot feature is best to get a complete website view.

Step 1: Press the Ctrl + A keys simultaneously while clicking anywhere on a webpage without images. All content on the page is highlighted (selected) when you use this keyboard shortcut.

Step 2: Press the Ctrl + C keys simultaneously without clicking again to copy everything highlighted.

Step 3: Press the Ctrl + V keys together and click where the copied content should appear. You can copy and paste using a pop-up menu when right-clicking utilizing a mouse, pressing Alt while tapping a touchpad, or using both fingers.

Copy and Paste extensions for specific tasks.

A significant benefit of Chrome is its many extensions to make work easier. One of these is a copy-and-paste extension. Native tools can’t always deal with copy-and-paste obstacles. Here are a few of our favorites and how they accomplished their goals.

MultiCopy Clipboard

A MultiCopy Clipboard is designed to copy and manage many different sections simultaneously. The extension allows you to store multiple copies simultaneously by using Chrome Storage. You may paste the copies individually or simultaneously according to your needs. To prevent the loss, Chrome backs up the documents.

Office — Enable Copy and Paste

Your Office web app now includes an untraditional set of tools for copying and pasting with a right-click menu. Web app users can use this helpful tool, not Office users.

ADP Copy & Paste

ADP sheets can be very time-consuming to work with. If a web format does not allow copy-and-paste, it can be frustrating. ADP document workflows are now more automated with this extension. Furthermore, it helps eliminate the need for mundane data-entry tasks.

Copy Paste Pro

You can override the preventative measures some sites enforce against copying and pasting content using Copy Paste Pro. With this extension, you can copy, paste, select the text, and right-click within websites, regardless of their code.

Copy as Plain Text

Browser extensions like Copy as Plain Text allow you to copy text from websites without formatting. Right-click and choose Copy as plain text. Use your computer’s keyboard shortcuts or right-click to paste. 

The program runs smoothly without causing any hiccups because this feature is quick and efficient. Copying and pasting plain text from a website will save you time on formatting and grammatical editing.

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