How to sell on Depop | Step by Step Guide


Do you have any unused items in your home that you want to sell online? Or you may want to start selling a line of items you manufacture yourself. If so, consider selling on Depop.

Don’t give up despite the difficulty and uncertainty involved in selling on a new platform. In contrast to the other platforms, Depop customer service is relatively smooth and easy to use.

Whether you’re a complete newbie, we’ll show you how to sell on Depop step-by-step with a brand-new account.

We will show you how to sell on Depop, give you some selling advice, and educate you on the shipping procedure, the Depop costs, and other essential topics you need to know about.

Let’s get started if you are ready! 

What is depop

Before we dig into some important details, let’s find out why Depop is the perfect platform for you and why you should go for it.

Depop is an online marketplace with over 15 million registered users. Although some still use it as such, it has evolved into a platform where users can set up their online stores, whether they sell clothes or anything else. Like Poshmark or other secondhand stores, it was created as a place where goods could be bought and sold. In the website’s tagline, Depop describes itself as “where the future generation meets to discover new goods… changing the way fashion looks.” Like Instagram, it has a feed where users can browse photos and profiles to find the content they want.

Get Ready to Sell on Depop

Sell on Depop

To stabilize your future income, you need to consider a few things before you begin selling on Depop, such as the Depop selling and listing fees. Other things are

Depop fees

It is Depop’s policy to automatically add a 10% fee to the sale price of an item after it is sold (including the shipping costs). This fee is deducted from the credit card you are using on your Depop account or the PayPal account linked to your Depop account. PayPal charges an additional transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 in the USA and 2.9% + £0.30 in the UK.

List price

The flat 10% selling fee applies only when an item is sold on Depop. There is no charge to list something on Depop.

How to sell things on depop

Selling your things on Depop is no different from selling any other product on the web. You must sign up for a free Depop account, list your items, deliver them, and get paid.

Here is how to start selling on Depop step-by-step:

Step 1:

Sign up for a Depop account

First, you will need to set up a Depop account. For this example, you will create a Depop account from their website, but since all the steps are the same, you can also create a Depop account using their app. To create an account, you need to undergo the following process:

  • Enter your phone number at and click Send code.
  • Upon entering your phone number, Depop will send you a 6-digit code.
  • Click Next once you have provided the necessary information.
  • Select Create Account from the menu.
  • It’s done; congratulations!

Step 2:

Integrate PayPal Account

To begin collecting payments for your sold items, you link your PayPal account with your Depop account. The fact that Depop does not have its payment system means that all transactions are processed via PayPal, regardless of whether the buyer uses their PayPal balance or a debit or credit card. As a result, you will have to link your PayPal account to your Depop account to sell on Depop.

Follow this process to link your PayPal account to Depop:

  • Your smartphone’s display should display the “Profile symbol” when you open the Depop app.
  • From the top right corner, tap the “Setting icon.”
  • Now click the “PayPal account” button.
  • Click “Connect PayPal.”
  • Register for a PayPal account.
  • You have now linked your Depop account to your PayPal account. Now you can begin selling products and earning revenue.

Start Putting/listing Your Products on Depop

Creating a Depop listing is quite simple if you follow these instructions. Also, you can list objects in two ways on Depop. With the:

  • Depop app.
  • Through the Depop website.

Pro-tips on how to sell on Depop

If you want to increase the sale of your Depop business, follow these best practices when adding listings to your business because they can significantly impact your business’s sales.

Take quality pictures and make good videos

Share aesthetic product pictures

Taking high-quality photos of your things from all angles is very important because customers will view your listing’s photos and videos first. To create fantastic product shots, it is optional to purchase expensive photographic equipment to create them. Just take four photos of your object in direct sunlight to drastically boost the quality of your images.

Create tempting product descriptions

An engaging product description can persuade a customer to click the “Buy now” button after viewing the product images and video on your product page.

Explicitly define the item

If you fail to describe your product in your product description, it may result in a refund request from buyers. You might have to return the buyer’s money if you have not described your product thoroughly. The customer can file a claim against you, for instance, if they purchased a dress and discovered a flaw in it, such as a stain, and you didn’t indicate that in the product description. The buyer can receive a refund due to this type of claim.

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