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Among the many social media platforms available today, Instagram is creating a sensation. It’s a free platform allowing people to upload, share, and connect with friends, family, celebrities, brands, and more globally. In addition to liking, commenting, saving, and messaging other users’ posts, Instagram users can also send direct messages to one another.
Having an Instagram account is necessary to see others’ profiles. You cannot view other Instagram users’ photos, videos, or stories without an Instagram account. Luckily, with Picuki, you can now access Instagram without logging in, enabling you to browse anonymously. Throughout this article, we’ve covered everything about Picuki.

What is Picuki?

With Picuki, you can browse Instagram without logging in. If you conduct a market research project, you can use the search engine to find results by location or hashtag and then save the ones you like.

Picuki also shows anyone who still needs to set their profile to private, and you can view and save their stories. You can also see full captions under each post, so you don’t have to scroll down when viewing a post. 

If you look up the caption of a photo, you’ll be able to use the control + F function to find it. Lastly, Picuki can edit photos, add filters, cropping, and zooming, and then download for your use.

How Does Picuki Work?

It is possible to use Picuki for various purposes, such as viewing Instagram accounts anonymously without logging in to your account. With a download button, you can easily download any content you choose. 

You can edit the image with Picuki’s editing tool using filters, adding text, and adjusting saturation and brightness. The site is free and secure, and your activity is not tracked.

Is Picuki Safe To Use On Instagram?

You can access and browse Instagram with Picuki safely. This application uses Instagram’s official API to deliver the content you’re looking for. You do not have to register, and it does not take advantage of anyone’s rights in any way.

Installing the app to view Instagram’s profile, posts, stories, locations, and tags takes only a few seconds. Private profiles are the only ones you can’t reach.

Scamadviser rates Picuki highly for trustworthiness. It is also confirmed not to be a scam by Trend Micro. As a result, It is undoubtedly safe to use. It may contain copyright-protected content, so you must use it carefully.

What Is The Truth Behind Picuki’s Claims of anonymity?

Picuki lets you do anonymous browsing on Instagram. You don’t need to log into your Instagram account or create a second one. With it, your Instagram activity is not tracked or recorded.

You can even see the entire profile if it isn’t private. All the posts and stories are also available anonymously. It won’t be visible to the users that you’ve viewed their stories. Therefore, Picuki is a completely anonymous service.

If you know how to use it correctly, it’s an excellent tool. What’s your favorite feature? 

How can I Use Picuki’s Instagram?

Picuki lets you look for an Instagram username to view other people’s posts and profiles. It is one of the easiest and most common ways to search for other people’s Instagram accounts and posts.

If you don’t have an Instagram username, try searching by name or tags. You’ll get a better result if you have an Instagram username, so make sure you get it beforehand.

Here I’ll show you a famous person’s Instagram profile and recent posts for demonstration purposes.

Step 1: Go to Picuki

If you are using a PC or mobile device, launch a web browser app and navigate to its official website.

Picuki allows you to search for Instagram profiles by copying the usernames and pasting them into the search field.

Step 2: Using Picuki, you can search for an Instagram username

Using Picuki, you can search for an Instagram username

You can search on Picuki by writing the exact username in the search bar. You can see that many usernames could appear similar, so you must choose the exact matching username, which should be displayed upfront to compare them.

Step 3: You can view Picuki’s Instagram profile by clicking here

Here is Daisy Keech’s Instagram profile and the most recent posts she posted on her account for us to see. 

Step 4: In Picuki, you can edit or download an Instagram post that you have made

It is a matter of clicking on one of Picuki’s Instagram posts on the profile page and clicking Edit or Download. If you want to save an image you have posted (for example, resizing the Instagram video for your preservation) or download it to your device, you can do both.

What Is The Legal Status Of Picuki?

The fair use of Picuki’s services is legal as well, as it is a legal website.

Some countries may allow for the use of Picuki to download Instagram videos, while others may not allow it. In some countries, Instagram videos can be downloaded without a license, so consult local laws.

Picuki: Viewing Personal Accounts

Picuki allows you to view personal Insta accounts but needs access to private Instagram accounts.

The app does not allow you to view private Instagram accounts. If you prefer a private Instagram account, you can also view it using an alternative Instagram viewer app similar to Picuki, which supports private Instagram accounts.

But if you want to know how to delete an Instagram account with Picuki, that might not be possible with the application.

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