All You Need to Know About Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

piso wifi pause time

10.0.01 pause time means you cut off the network service to the users for some time. You can customize it for every hour, 15 minutes, and any time you like. Besides that, you can resume the service anytime. Being the private class of the IP address, you use to log in to the Router’s administrative interface. Having this feature can be helpful, especially if you have a bombardment of advertisements.

In addition, Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. Not only can you set the time limit, but you can also customize how long users can be allowed to have access to the network for one time. Furthermore, the options of setting the time limit and other features are also available on this device. The above discussion enlightens you about the topic of this article. Let’s have a penetrating glance at the Piso pause time.


Many internet providers use as a standard IP address and default gateway for their routers and modems. Being the private class of the IP addresses, you can use it to access the Router’s admin panel. Through this access, you can change various features and settings. However, what you need to get access to the administrative interface is to enter the address in the URL bar for the web browser. Its design is simple for everyone to use and requires no technical expertise. After getting access, you can configure numerous settings, such as the pause time of the Piso Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can also purchase this network.

Conceptualizing Piso Wi-Fi Pause

You name the most-used Wi-Fi networks in the Philippines, and Piso Wi-Fi tops the list. However, its use is not free; you must buy its subscription. But the ratio of buyers who need the connection is much lower. Because they don’t purchase the subscription and the package they need, this is where the Piso Wi-Fi pause comes to the rescue. It temporarily halts Internet access while still being connected to the network. You can manually functionalize this feature. Furthermore, you can set a threshold for its time and the data used. With this feature, you can encourage users to buy subscriptions.

Setting up the Piso Wi-Fi Pause

To set the pause time, you must first log in to the admin portal of the account. For this, you can use the IP address. Now, go to the Client Control or Wi-Fi Pause section. The administrative interface of the account is a must tool for owners. This interface is simple to use. With this, you can access several features and settings, such as the pause time. Further, it also helps the network owner to control and manage the account.

How to Change Piso Pause Time

Below are some steps you must follow to change Piso pause time.

  • First of all, you must log in to the administrative interface. Enter the IP address of the network after opening the web browser. And when required, enter your login credentials.
  • After logging in, you need to search for the pause settings of the administration interface.
  • In addition to changing the pause time, you can customize it in hours or minutes, as the case may be. Besides that, setting up rules for how long and when users can be halted is also available.
  • As a last step, click on the save button to save the settings you have customized.

Why You Should Use the Pause Time

Following a straightforward process, you can change and customize the pause time, which you should use for numerous reasons. With the pause feature, you can easily manage network traffic. In addition to helping drive the network traffic, customizing its time also allows you to ensure equal access to the Internet. But some situations push you to disable this feature. For example, providing an interrupted internet is your priority for public places and businesses. In this case, it is more useful if you disable this feature.

Features of the Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

As we have said earlier, Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time is among the most popular networks. What makes it tops the list is its feature of allocating time. 15 minutes is the daily allocation of time that it gives away. Moreover, after upgrading your subscription plan, you can share your account with more users. With high-speed Internet, you can avail of its free plans and extra services.

Besides that, you can navigate it, and an exit plan is also easy-to-go. On top of that, you can connect as many accounts as you want from an account.

Benefits of Piso Wi-Fi Pause

Following is the list of benefits that come with this feature:

1: Customizable

First, the pause time’s most crucial benefit is its customizability. You can set the pause time for as long as you like. Moreover, the owner can also set up rules for the pause time.

2: Pushes Turnover

Moreover, you can also ensure Turnover with this feature. After using the network for a set period, the users will exit the network, leaving a place for new users. So more people can use the bandwidth.

3: Helps Manage the Network Traffic

Another significant advantage of the pause time is that it helps owners to manage the network traffic. More than that, they can also ensure users have equal access to the service.

4: Avoids Network Density

This benefit is quite valuable when you have maximum users. It avoids network density during heavy traffic and peak hours, ensuring a stable network supply.

Shortcomings of the Pause Time

Following are some disadvantages of the 10.0.01 pause time:

1: Complex

It is challenging and complex to manage this network. It constantly requires your resources and time to update and manage the Piso Wi-Fi.

2: Technicalities

Although using this network is simple and easy, the pause feature can be challenging for those who need more technical expertise. Moreover, you can also find its navigation complex.

3: Effectiveness is not Common

Another area for improvement of the pause time is that it is only sometimes effective. If you have heavy traffic, this feature may prove ineffective in preventing network congestion.

4: User Dissatisfaction

Users may not grade your services optimistically if you disable their access to the network. More than that, it annoys them, leading to a negative review of your services. This may prove detrimental to your business.


Wi-Fi has created a virtually connected world. Piso Wi-Fi is a private service provider. Its pause-time feature helps manage the network and ensure equal access to the service. You can set the pause time by logging in to your portal and entering the credentials. Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time helps avoid network congestion when you experience a lot of traffic.

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