Polk Audio Buckle | Over-the-ear-headphones Review

Polk Audio Buckle | Review

Indescribably lush, soft, warm, and complete, the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones are the perfect choice for music lovers.

There is no doubt that Polk Audio Buckles are a great set of headphones; although they are pretty heavy, they are just fantastic to use. They have excellent sound quality and great comfort even when worn for extended periods. Good thing about Polk Audio Buckle is you can wear it for as long as possible without hurting your ears. Finally, a relief to the ears!

This pair of headphones has a luxurious feel and a sturdy build, and they sound amazing. Instead of being quite heavy, they are comfortable to wear for a long time. However, they only function correctly with Apple devices for some reason most people have experienced. Surprisingly, the audio and play/pause works, as well as skipping songs, but volume control and rewinding do not work with android devices.

Polk Audio Buckle – Review

Let’s know more about these amazing over-the-ear-headphones.

The design structure

In the headband, the ear cups are mounted on a swivel hinge, giving them a retro vibe, but in a good way. You can get them in black with silver accents or in brown. They’ll get attention in a crowd, even if not everyone likes them. Their design may be outdated, but they always attract the attention of bystanders.

Stunner looks


Polk Audio Buckle

As well as the faux leather headband, the ear cup padding is soft and well-made, giving the Polk Audio Buckle headphones a luxury appearance that reflects their high-end style. The headphones have a premium aesthetic look and feel, making them look high-end and expensive. Overall, the headphones have an opulent appearance.

Additional perks

These are quality pair headphones with killer audibility! They produce a warm, full sound with a bit of distortion. The large earmuffs keep out the noise and won’t disturb your neighbors. You can find the volume control on the right speaker, not the cord. You can hear the mechanical and clunky sound of the volume adjustment when you are adjusting the sound.

Easy to use and great sound

The sound is good and satisfies everyone’s taste. The deep notes are good, but the mids and highs come through clearly, and the fit is good. The sounds come best when the wires are kept perfect. They are huge and comfortable for all kinds of people with all sizes of heads.

The best color to opt for

Although Buckle comes in a classic black and silver color scheme, the brown and white model is a little more distinct, resembling a pair of Doc Martins. Whether you like it will depend on your tastes and preferences, but most people prefer a more traditional style. Despite its solid construction, especially with those thick hunks of metal, the exterior of the earcups feels a little cheap, interrupting the premium feel.

Polk Audio Buckle Unboxing experience

When you open the faux wooden box, you will discover that the headphones are wrapped in a thin layer of biodegradable packing foam. The Buckle falls somewhat weirdly between premium and budget-brand packaging. Upon tugging on the headphones, we found little plastic bonds that made it challenging to take them out.

Quality of the audio

Overall strong performance, but a few issues need to be addressed!

Even though Buckles sound good, they could be more flawless when used. Music is subtly enhanced, with condsiderate emphasis on treble tones and bass. Although there is a good balance between high, mid, and low frequencies, it is challenging to hear underemphasized elements in the upper-midrange, making them almost invisible in the listening experience. Hardcore music lovers could understand this point more precisely. Also, the major flaw in the audio quality is this drop in emphasis, and it will be hard for you to hear unless you attempt professional studio mixing.

Problems with audibility

Though the most profound bass elements don’t always sound clean, there is little audible distortion. The Buckles exhibit uneven volume balance between each speaker, a minor problem. Generally, people prefer no distorted notes or clipped frequencies for the price they pay. Also, the left speaker is louder than the right, and vice versa in some cases that can be chaotic for some listeners!

These flaws aren’t a huge deal, but plenty of headphones must avoid them to become flawless.


Great Sound Quality

Those listening to classical music, pop, rock, electronic, or other music will experience a rich sound quality.


As for the bass, it is terrific, not muddy, and if you listen to the mids and highs, you can hear most of the instruments very clearly.

Stylish look 

Looking at the pictures, one can quickly tell they look stylish.

iPhone controls

You’ll likely love that the iPhone controls are integrated into the headphones’ frame and are much more intuitively accessible.


In my experience, many are obligated to use them for long hours daily. And you might be surprised to know that they don’t cause any fatigue. They are not there at all.

Built to a very high standard

Once they are out of the package, you can tell they are made of high-quality materials.


Small ear pads

It is better to see audio buckles with larger ear pads.


Polk audio buckles might be heavier than the other alternatives in the market.

Mic for phone

Because the microphone is placed on the frame, it makes it difficult for people to hear you at low/average volumes, but if you are in a situation where you can raise your voice, you will have no problems. Otherwise, you will have to remove them and communicate directly over the call.


Despite being durable, the carrying pouch does not fold away, so it is hard to carry around and takes up a lot of space in the bag. Therefore, this is one major flaw that Polk Audio Headphones have.

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