Snapchat+ and its New Features


Using Snapchat+, you get access to new features before anyone else does. According to Snap’s support website, Snapchat plus features will help you “personalize and improve your Snapchat experience by going deeper into aspects of the app you use most,” according to Snap.

What is Snapchat?

You probably know about Snapchat from your teenage kids. It is one of the most popular social media applications available today, and it allows young people share everyday moments while making them appear cool. Like Facebook and Twitter, it does not record and publish everything you do. However, it uses messages that disappear.

How exactly does Snapchat+ work?

Following Telegram and WhatsApp Business, Snapchat has now introduced a paid subscription option in an effort to increase revenue. By subscribing to it, users get early access to new features and special access to certain features. Once you pay online for Snapchat plus, you can take advantage of all its amazing features.

A little more about Snapchat+ features

Through Snapchat+, Snapchat’s premium membership service, users have access to “a variety of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.” There are several benefits to this membership, including the ability to designate a buddy as a BFF, a badge, a count of tale rewatches, and more. However, this membership doesn’t get rid of platform ads, which is a big deal.

Now, let’s dig into some of the most exciting and interesting features that it offers!

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Top Interactive Features on Snapchat+

Customized deadlines for stories

Customized deadlines for Snapchat stories

Before, Snap Stories would disappear after 24 hours, but now Snapchat+ members can set up timers on their stories that can run for one hour to a week. A timer according to your own desire can be set up by subscribers. Therefore, a story can now be published and maintained for a period of up to a week, in other words, you can now post a story and keep it live for as long as possible.

The Special Notification sounds

Special sounds for special people are available on Snapchat+! It is an exciting feature for users to create unique notification sounds for different contacts within the settings, so you can easily find out who sent you a Snap or a conversation without having to check your phone for the sender’s name. This is also interesting as you wouldn’t have to see your phone every time it rings! Thus, a total of seven sounds are available for you to choose from.

Colorized borders in the camera

Snapchat+ has also added a new feature that allows you to select your own border color that will appear around the camera view. When you use the its camera to take images or record videos, you have the option to choose from a variety of colors that will appear around the camera view.

Make one Friend of your choice your #1 BFF

It appears that you do not need to be best friends with the individual in order to pin them to the top of the Snapchat+ chat window. You can now designate a buddy to be your #1 BFF by pinning them at the top of the chat window. Those who manage to be each other’s top friends for two weeks in a row will receive a red heart next to their names in the conversations list and will be referred to as BFFs, which is an amazing and exciting feature for both users!

You get a classic Snapchat+ Badge

There is also a classical star icon next to the name of your profile, as part of the Snapchat+ membership, which serves as a visual cue to others that you are a member, and in case, they visit your profile, they will notice the badge next to your username. This badge probably is like a mark of identification for the others that you have subscribed to the plus feature of this app. 

Track the location of your friends

Using Ghost Trails on Snap Maps, you will be able to see your friends’ recent location history. It’s important to note that Ghost Trails will only be visible if your friend has revealed his or her location to you. Also, you can only check their travel history for the past 24 hours only. Therefore, this is an interesting way to see the whereabouts of your buddies without letting them know!

Icons designed specifically for Snapchat+

Moreover, Snapchat Plus subscribers now have access to a wide range of unique icons that were previously unavailable to them. According to a tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi, there are more than 30 icons available at the moment. In the future, more icons could be offered to subscribers.

Top Story Responses

Using Snapchat+ you will have the opportunity to prioritize and make more visible to Snap Stars. Therefore,  your responses to the stories shared by Snap Stars would be more highlighted to them. This feature enables you to get more visibility in the inbox of your favorite celebrities too

An emoji that appears post-snap

There will be an option available to Snapchat+ subscribers to specify an emoji that will be displayed whenever a friend views the Snap you send. As a result, you will now be able to have some form of sign-off following each snap you send.

Updated backdrops for Bitmoji

In case you are tired of the Bitmoji backgrounds that Snapchat has to offer, then you should subscribe to Snapchat+. With this subscription, you will have immediate access to new Bitmoji backgrounds. The logo can also be seen subtly on some of these backdrops. Additionally, new Bitmoji backgrounds have been launched that feature a Halloween theme and are exclusive to Snapchat plus subscribers.

Snapchat+ for web

Snapchat+ for web

It is possible to use it on the web with Snapchat+ subscription. Therefore, if you have a laptop or PC, you can use easily access it. You can send messages and photos directly from your laptop or PC. You can download the Snapchat PWA (Progressive web App), and learn more about it.


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