What is SQM Club?


The SQM is a non-profit organization established in 1954 by William H. Bonney and David File. It aims to educate people and organizations about CO2 emissions and how to reduce their carbon footprint. The organization has helped declare state parks or landmarks in many areas, saving hundreds of thousands of acres from pollution and environmental issues. It is a non-sponsored organization which is the main difference between this club and any other non-profit organization.
I will cover every aspect of this organization in this article so you can better understand them.

Facts and figures

This club aims to improve the world for humanity by preserving the environment. The club believes that a small but committed group of volunteers can greatly impact cleaner air and a healthier future.
In addition to reducing its membership price based on individual performance, SQM uses a creative membership plan to reduce emissions and positively impact the environment. Lower membership prices based on lower output motivate and encourage members to do so.
They provide special tools to help their members improve CO2 footprint reduction results. If you are unwilling to purchase their membership, you can use the free CO2 emission calculator tool to keep checking and reducing your carbon footprint.

International Operation of SQM Club

SQM operates with several government agencies, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and the United States. They are also working in South America and Asia, per some resources.

For better reach and service, they have developed their online calculator that can easily measure the CO2 emitted from the products or services of the user.

This organization also has created customized training courses to meet every organization’s requirements. Also, they offer comprehensive advice and suggestions for reducing emissions at homes, businesses, and schools, which is a great way to reach a wide audience.

SQM Club Events

The club organizes activities and events to promote environmental responsibility. Some of them are given below.

Earth Day events

Earth Day Event

In celebration of Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd every year, the club hosts events and activities.

Sustainability fairs

The SQM Club organizes sustainability fairs to introduce new technology and products to the public and educate visitors about them.


SQM club conducts eco-tours to educate the public about sustainability and the environment. These tours often visit eco-friendly businesses, sustainable farms, and green buildings.

Workshop and lectures

SQM Club workshops and lectures cover various sustainability and environmental responsibility topics. Public events such as these offer a wonderful opportunity to learn about sustainability and how to create a better world.

Why Should You Consider Joining the Club?

Carbon emissions impact environment

One of the main motives for joining the SQM club is to free the environment and community from harmful factors affecting our planet. The club helps its members to measure and figure out the CO2 footprints, and for this purpose, they also offer some tools for making the measurement easy. Their effort helps make the environment healthy by reducing the environmental effects of CO2. 

Why is SQM Club popular?

Here are several key factors contributing to the club’s popularity.

Increasing awareness of environmental issues

As you know, nowadays, people are more aware of environmental challenges and are willing to do their part for the greater good. SQM Club is an online community that teaches people and organizations about green living and takes action to protect the environment. That is why people are getting attracted to this club.

The demand for eco-friendly products and practices

People concerned about a healthy environment prefer eco-friendly products and practices. And this club is working for a healthy environment by calculating CO2 emissions from the products and services of the businesses so they can meet the demand by providing sustainable practices.

The popularity of professional development

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to enhance their professional skills and knowledge. Individuals can comprehend sustainability and enhance their professional skills through SQM Club training and learn more about different development opportunities.

Positive impact desired

Many people are motivated to make a positive difference in the world. As a member of the SQM Club, you can contribute to your environmental responsibility more greatly. That is also one of the biggest reasons behind people joining this club.

How to create an account with the SQM Club?

Here is the step-by-step guide to creating an SQM club account.

  • The first step of becoming a club member is to have a mobile or laptop with internet access.
  • Search SQM on google, or you can use their app on the Play store and Apple store.
  • Obtain a free copy of the club.
  • Now create an account by adding all the required information. 
  • Enter the ABCD Code of the Club.
  • That is it; you are good to go.

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