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Turtle Beach Recon 50xRecon 50p

If you are a gamer and want affordable headphones, this buying guide is for you. We have reviewed the budget pair, the Turtle Beach Recon 50x/Recon 50p. These wired earphones are quite good for gaming because they are perfect for deep bass and sound effects. In addition, they give decent sound and amazing recording quality. Their low latency wired connection and great boom mic suit them for gaming. However, their voice could be clearer, and they are considered a below-average set of headphones.

Moreover, compared to other gaming sets, they are less convenient because they come with a short cable. They lag behind other headphone options because of their limited customization options, which are an important feature of their competitors. Lastly, their awkward fit and poor plastic build quality makes them an inappropriate choice for the noisy environment because it causes a lot of sound leakage.

Built Quality

The built quality of this pair is not premium because they do not give a high-end feel. Moreover, its stereo audio cable is not detachable, which can be irritating while playing games. Because of the detachable mic, these headsets are of a casual design. On the upside, they are lightweight, have a thin headband and decently-sized oval ear cups that keep a low profile. Lastly, plastic build quality and striking color patterns give it a dull look.


Turtle Beach Recon 50P - Well-paded ear cups
Turtle Beach Recon 50P – Well-paded ear cups

How comfortable the earphones are matters a lot. Especially if you are a gamer, a perfectly-fit and comfortable pair is a must. Otherwise, it is not very pleasant while gaming. Unfortunately, this pair of headphones has a peculiar fit that does not go well around your ears. If you want a more comfortable gaming pair, try the Turtle Beach Recon 70 and the Turtle Beach Stealth 300. Although the ear cups are well-padded, their opening is only fit for some. Besides that, they are hard. Due to all these reasons, this pair is only suitable for a short gaming session.

Sound Quality

These earphones need better frequency response consistency. The maximum deviation of more than 24Db at 20Hz in the bass range is prominent and significant. However, they come with great bass accuracy. Be it the low bass or middle bass, the results are within the target, which is cool. But when it comes to the high-bass, the results are more stressed at 5Db, making the former muddy and boomy sounding.

Similar to Monoprice, noise isolation of this model also needs to get better. For example, in the bass range where bus engines and airplanes come, the 50x does not provide satisfactory results. Furthermore, their isolation in the treble and mid-range is average, which makes them a moderate pair of headsets.


Regarding performance, the most amazing feature of the Turtle Beach Recon 50x/Recon 50p is its noise-canceling capability. However, this pair is unsuitable for those who want to enjoy the best sound experience and convenience while watching TV. As far as the sound quality of this product is concerned, it may prove below average. Moreover, Turtle Beach is not at par for outside noise isolation. Compared to other pairs, this set of headsets may need to be revised for critical listening, such as gaming. Since sound leakage comes with these headphones, you should not use them if you are a fitness and sports enthusiast. Likewise, stability and comfort are other areas where it lacks. You can use it for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile & PC. 

Microphone Style

Recon 50p Microphone
Recon 50p Microphone

The only area where this pair outcompetes its competitor, the Turtle Beach Recon 70, is its amazing microphone. Because of its excellent boom mic, the sound transmitted or recorded in this microphone will be detailed, neat, natural, and crisp. On top of that, this mic distinguishes between the actual sound and the background noise, even in loud environments such as game competitions or subway stations.

How Portable Are They?

Like other gaming earphones, the 50x are not easy to carry because you can not fold them into a compact format. Since they do not come with a pouch, putting them into the backpack is recommended. Moreover, their ear cups remain flat. That is why it makes them wider because of the angle of the cups. Lastly, their build quality is feeble, making them more vulnerable to wear and tear. Due to all these reasons, the 50x headphones may not impress you regarding portability. If you prioritize portability, the Turtle Beach Battle Buds can be a perfect buy.


In short, the Turtle Beach earphones are average compared to other models in the same league. Their sound quality is decent, but other features, build quality, sound isolation, and bass response, could be better. However, they feature an excellent microphone that outcompetes many rivals. Overall, they are not a quality pair if the modern technology and specs are considered. 

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