How to Unblur Course Hero For Free In 2023

Unblur course hero

You must have heard of online innovative study solutions for school, college, and university-related assignments and home tasks. In the past three years since the COVID-19 pandemic, online methods of education and shopping have grown drastically popular, and numerous platforms are available on the web to provide you with academic assistance.

One of them is Course Hero, which has gained much popularity among educator communities. The article discusses the best tactics to unblur Course Hero for free. 

What is a Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online platform that provides an acceptable and intelligent method of acquiring knowledge from the comfort of your smart devices. Whether you are a student, employee, trainer, or housewife, you can use this platform to advance your education. 

It was founded by a college student named Andrew Grauer in 2006. The motivation behind this platform is to assist students by providing them with a brilliant and convenient way to obtain education and feel satisfied with their learning objectives. This will enable students to pursue better career and personal development opportunities. 

This online educational counselling hub provides various plans for multiple fields to assist students with their assigned educational material. All the tasks assigned to the students are unique, and you will get a lot of relevant stuff to learn according to the related field of study.

Methods To Unblur The Answers On Course Hero For Free

The need for this unblur Course Hero guide arose for some reasons, as users need some help with using the free version while some also need to know how to blur the background on zoom. Here are some of the best practices given by the original platform to allow students access the Course Hero unblurred answers. 

Getting a Premium Subscription

Getting a subscription to Course Hero is regarded as the safest, official, most convenient, and quick way to get the course hero unblurred. It may cost you some $ charges but trust me; it’s the safest way to have an uninterrupted learning experience with a smooth flow. It also provides unique and good offers for students in their subscription plans.  

Pricing of Course Hero Subscription Duration of Course Hero Subscription 
$39.99Per Month (monthly basis)
$19.95Per Month (quarterly basis)

Upload Documents

It is another official methodology to get unblurred answers from the Course Hero. To do so, you must upload your original documents, but documents should be authentic, original, without copyright issues, and free of plagiarism.

After making a free account, you can upload your documents files on the Course Hero site. Then you will have to wait approximately a few hours to 2 to 3 days for approval. After the team approves your uploaded documents, you will get an email and be provided with the free unlocks.

Usually, you will be rewarded with five open or unblurred answers after uploading ten approved documents. Don’t confuse the number of uploaded and approved documents, as only the approved ones will bring you the reward of unlocks.

But there is also a fixed duration to access your unlocked answers, and they will expire after 30 days of uploading the documents.

Review Other People’s Work

You can also get free access to the blurred answers and, in return to reviewing other people’s work there. The Course Hero will highly appreciate your feedback and review, and they will use your thoughts to upgrade their platform while enhancing accuracy. 

This is an excellent and safe method to enjoy this unblur feature just by giving your opinion. So every time you rate or review answers or documents, you will earn a few free unlocks for Course Hero’s documents, answers, materials, text, and images. 

Other Assisting Methods On How To Unblur Course Hero

There are some other relevant methods for providing you with the ease AND opportunity to get unblurred answers for free. Have a look at these given resources.

Unblurring Course Hero With Inspect Option

This is a unique tip to unblur Course Hero, and you will have to follow some steps to activate it. The steps to unblur Course Hero Inspect are as follows:

  • First, go to the official Course hero website
  • Select the specific course or assignment you require to get a solution to a query.
  • Then go to the target document to see the answers to the questions.
  • Then right-click with the mouse to open up an option INSPECT.
  • A window will appear with coding.
  • Find the relevant code using ctrl+F and search for the keyword of hide or obscured.
  • Then go to the edit attribute by right click. Then go for none option in the hide class and select enter.

Through Telegram Or Discord

Telegram or discord, along with associated communities in them, will provide you with the supported documents, media files, and pdfs to help you with your assignment or query. But you might have to join some relevant course groups to get the answers. 

Via Mobile Settings Modification

With the help of a modified app, you can also get these features of premium Course Hero for free on your Android or iOS devices.

  • You can find it by doing a safari search on
  • We also recommend using unblur the Course Hero Chrome for this purpose.


Course Hero provides you with an online platform to complete your academic tasks quickly and perfectly. The article discussed how to Unblur Course Hero for free and provided a guide for Unblur Course Hero by official subscription, uploading verified documents and getting rewards, along with other relevant methods, including the inspection method or editing of some elements.

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