What Is Airplane Mode?


You can toggle airplane mode in various shortcut menus on Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and even Windows PCs. What is airplane mode and how does it function? How can you make the most of airplane mode on your phone or computer?

The article discusses every little detail about this feature and how you can benefit from putting your cellphone on it.

What Is Airplane Mode?

Many smartphones, laptops, and similar devices, sometimes called Aeroplan or flight modes, come with airplane mode settings. Activating this feature stops your device from sending any signals. When turned on, your status bar will show an airplane icon.

Airline takeoffs and landings prohibit wireless devices. Many experts believe it’s better to err on the side of caution concerning phones and radio equipment in planes.

What Does Airplane Mode Do?


You cannot use your phone or laptop’s wireless functions when it’s in Aeroplane mode, including:

Cellular connection: One cannot access Mobile data, neither send texts nor make or receive calls.

Wi-Fi: With airplane mode on, the device will not connect to new Wi-Fi networks and will disconnect from existing ones.

Bluetooth lets you pair your phone with speakers, headphones, and more via a short-range connection. The airplane mode disables this feature.

If you enable aeroplane mode after turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can manually enable it again to block cell signals. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have convenience tweaks for flight mode. Using thsi feature on a modern device won’t disrupt a Bluetooth connection. If you prefer, you can still turn Bluetooth off manually.

The GPS is different, as your phone’s functionality does not transmit radio waves; it receives signals only from satellites. You may be unable to access GPS if your device is in airplane mode. Also, you won’t be able to access features like live traffic since you won’t have an internet connection.

What Is Airplane Mode On iPhone?

With Aeroplane Mode, your iPhone will not connect to any wireless network, including cellular and Wi-Fi. Moreover, it disables Bluetooth, GPS, and other services related to them. It prevent apps from using those features. 

Does Airplane Mode Saves Battery?

Your device saves battery life when you use aeroplane mode. A lot of power is required to run the different radios on your smartphone. Your location is tracked through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices, and cell towers. The apps frequently send Wi-Fi notifications.

Your phone will last longer if you disable all of these at once. In airplane mode, your phone should also charge faster since it doesn’t have to do as much work.

When you’re in Airplane Mode, can you use Wi-Fi?

Most modern phones allow Wi-Fi connectivity, even in airplane mode, depending on the device. You can manually enable Wi-Fi again after enabling flight mode, but Wi-Fi will be turned off when you do. When you turn it on, Wi-Fi might not automatically shut off.

You can go to your device Settings by swiping from the top of your cell phone. Now tap Wi-Fi while your device is still in flight mode, and within a few moments, your device will be connected to the internet (if it supports it).

You can access the Wi-Fi toggle in Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of your iPhone to open Control Center or tapping the Wi-Fi button with your finger. When flying in aeroplane mode, you can enable Wi-Fi to enjoy in-flight Wi-Fi if available. In case of confusion, speaking with an airline employee before connecting is best. Wi-Fi is typically allowed only above 10,000 feet, so keep it off during takeoff and landing.

In Airplane Mode, does Bluetooth work?

It is a similar scenario to the one above. The shortcut switch allows you to enable Bluetooth again (except when airplane mode is enabled). Due to Bluetooth’s short range (usually about 30 feet), airlines don’t usually care much about it.

Bluetooth lets you pair your Bluetooth earbuds, keyboard, or other devices. Airplane mode lets you save battery even when you’re not flying when listening to offline music using Bluetooth headphones.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Airplane Mode Data Consuming?

No. The airplane mode on your cell phone does not consume data as it does not allow your phone to connect to the network service providers; hence no data will be used. 

How Does Aeroplane Mode Help Games?

You can use aeroplane mode on your phone when you hate seeing ads while playing games. Airplane mode has the effect of hiding ads for offline mobile games by disabling all internet connections in the game. Once you’ve enabled flight mode, don’t turn Wi-Fi back on. If you want to kill time and play games without any disturbance you can use the amazing app that offers unlimited games in one place.

It is important to note that playing games requiring the internet while in airplane mode is impossible. If you turn it off, here’s what happens.

Is the aeroplane mode compatible with alarms?

Even in airplane mode, alarms will sound as usual. Mobile or internet connections are not required. Switch to the Alarms tab in the Clock app to set your alarm.

Can Snapchat be used in airplane mode?

No. To use Snapchat in flight mode, you must be connected to the internet as it requires an internet connection.

Does Airplane Mode allow texts and calls?

You cannot connect your phone to cellular service because it lacks a cellular connection. The person who calls you in aeroplane mode will reach your voicemail, and it will appear as if your phone has been turned off. Once you disable it, you’ll see your received SMS texts.

Final Words

These are some answers to your most common questions about airplane mode. It is possible to turn off all wireless activities on your device so you can use it even while sitting on the ground. You can manually turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while aeroplane mode is on to maintain some connections.

If you’re going on a long flight, we recommend downloading your media to your phone, so you won’t depend on an internet connection.

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