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Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey is a United States citizen and is a known name in the photography world. He has outstanding photography skills, and that’s one big reason for his fame. His website showcases his art exceptionally well, and it would not be an overstatement to say that the man has some talent.

Photography seems easy, but trust me, it requires much expertise! It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Wynton Harvey has nailed it well. His impressive photography and passion for his work have gained some renowned publicity in the crowd. There are so many aspiring features about his life which we will discuss here.

Steve Harvey’s Son

Steve & Wynton Harvey

It is no secret that Wynton Harvey is partly famous for being Steve Harvey’s son. Steve Harvey is a prominent American media personality and writer. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show and Family Feud. Naturally, a celebrity parent automatically brings their child into the spotlight. It is not a hidden fact that star kids get special treatment in the industry because of their parents (Nepotism). However, Wynton made his place with his talent, not just by being a celebrity’s son. But saying that his talent primarily got highlighted because of his dad wouldn’t be completely wrong. 

Childhood and adolescence of Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey’s childhood is not different from any other normal kid. Except for the fact that his father has a big name in family game shows. That might have affected his childhood otherwise; he grew up to be a very normal kid with exceptional photography skills. As of July 18, 2023, Wynton Harvey will be 26 years old, and his full name is Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey. Steve Harvey, his biological father, and Mary Shackelford Harvey, his mother, are both well-known in the United States. 

An intriguing fact about him is that he is a philanthropist and a social activist. Also, he is an ardent Muslim and wholeheartedly supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

Teenage Life

Wynton Harvey began his photography career in 2016, even before graduating in 2020. He got enthusiastic about his work during his mid-teens, and his passion gradually grew! His work was displayed in Atlanta for the first time when he was only 20. After that, he started promoting his work through social media platforms such as Instagram. Wynton is highly active on his social media and interacts with his followers. You can look him up on Instagram (wyntonharvey).

His love for art

At 11 years of age, he found his passion for photography and now owns a studio in Atlanta where he shoots his stunning photographs and fashion designs. In addition to his primary career as a photographer and model, Wynton Harvey dabbles in other creative endeavors, such as reimagining household products, landscape photography, and portrait photography.

Where did Wynton Harvey go to college?

According to the reports, Wynton Harvey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, where he also obtained a specialization in fashion design and photography. Now, he is a young social media sensation with many followers and admirers.

How he opted for the career

As a 20-year-old, Wynton spread his first exhibition in Atlanta after doing his Bachelor in Arts. He started his professional photography career in 2016. From the beginning, Wynton’s love for arts and design was visible in his work. The passion he has was quite prominent in all the art he created. His love for fashion designing and photography is visible on his website, where he has a dedicated page for each piece of his art, and he shares all his creations there.

Relationship Status

Even though it is not a secret, Wynton has held the particulars of his romantic relationships private from the general populace. Or at least he tried to keep his love life a secret, but column gets succeeded. Nevertheless, Wynton is happy with his fiance at the time in terms of his love relationship. Even though she is not yet his wife, as of 2016, she is the renowned and well-liked journalist’s daughter. None other than his sweetheart is Taylor Gordon, the beloved daughter of Ed Gordon. On July 24, 2017, Wynton posted an Instagram message wishing them a happy anniversary, and they later made things official. Wynton is a dedicated lover, and that can is seen in all the actions he takes. Along with happy occasions and other events, they also exchange love and delight.  

Some FAQs about Wynton Harvey

Who is Wynton Harvey’s mother? 

Mary Lee Shackleford is the mother of the internet celebrity. Many say that this woman could be a reason for all his fame but denying the man’s talent isn’t right. 

Steve Harvey was married three times, and Mary is one of his ex-wives. After being married for about ten years, the couple parted ways in 2005. Despite a dramatic and eventful divorce, Steve Harvey won full custody of his son Wynton.

How his father got his custody?

Sources claim that the court generously settled with Wynton Harvey’s mother, awarding her a $1.5 million payment, the right to keep three of their homes, and a monthly payment of $40,000 until 2009. After she disobeyed a court order in 2013 by falsely charging Steve Harvey with child abuse, the court overturned its decision. The court vindicated Steve’s identity since Mary could not provide supporting documentation for her claims.  

In what religion does Wynton Harvey practice?

Islam is the religion practiced by this American social media sensation. He is just crazy about art and will be a millionaire soon.  

How did he get into arts and stuff? 

The young Wynton Harvey has always known he wanted to be a photographer from a very young age. At 11, he realized he needed to get involved in photography as soon as possible. He used the latest graphic editors to add his magical touch to the photographs.

What is Wynton Harvey’s age? 

Currently, he is 25 years of age, being born in the year 1995.

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